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The date of purchase is stated on the receipt. Incomplete or illegible warranty is invalid.

The warranty provided by the manufacturer covers the product stated in the warranty and covers its defects discovered within the warranty period due faulty materials, construction, or workmanship. The warranty does not cover the fair abrasion of the product. The consumer has the rights to ask for a demonstration of the product to ensure that the product is complete and is made according to the approved quality. Visible defects and incomplete product must be returned immediately.

The manufacturer does not warrant for defects caused by normal wear and tear, normal ageing, inappropriate storing and treatment, careless transport, unreasonable use or using the product for any other purposes than it has been made for. The manufacturer does not warrant for defects caused by the user or another person or natural disaster.

If any defects are discovered the user should claim immediately upon presentation of reasonable evidence – completed warranty, purchase receipt and the product itself.

All claims must be made to the following address: Zvonovice 72, 682 01  Rostěnice-Zvonovice, unless stated otherwise.

Based on the nature of the defect the product will be repaired, replaced or the appropriate deduction will be given.

The product is under warranty by the manufacturer for a period of 5 years for boat, 2 years for equipments after the date of purchase.