Terms of delivery

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1. The Supplier undertakes to deliver the Goods specified in the order form in schedule agreed at order conclusion.

2. The Customer undertakes to take delivery of the Goods specified in the order form. In case of avoidance of contract (order) or its section on the part of the Customer, there is a compensation of 30 % from negotiated price of delivery arranged.

3. Advance payment of 50 % from delivery price is made when concluding the order. The date of manufacturing is counted from the date of payment of the deposit to the Supplier (when money is scored). Changes in order can be made only in person or in writing (by fax, or email). New date of delivery of the said order will be communicated by the Supplier.

4. The delivery is considered realized when the Goods are handed over to the Customer, or first common carrier to transport the order to a place of destination. When it is handed over in person, the delivery is considered realized when handed over in the Supplier’s stock.

5. The Supplier will notify the Customer about readiness to realize the order by phone or in writing.

6. In case of transport, the Supplier will conclude the date of delivery of Goods with the Customer. In case of Customer’s absence on concluded date, the Supplier is entitled to charge the Customer of the cost incurred from non-realized delivery.

7. The Customer undertakes to take delivery of the ordered Goods within two weeks from being notified about order manufacturing or according to agreement with the Supplier.

8. When taking delivery of the Goods, the Customer will identify himself with the copy of order form, by confirmation of the order, eventually by advance payment’s (additional payment’s) receipt. The takeover of order and its perfection will be confirmed by the Customer with his signature on the order (delivery) form.

9. The Goods will be given over to the Customer only after its full payment. When paying by money transfer order, the advance payment is required.

10. When paying with instalment, the Goods remain a property of Supplier until its full payment, while the Customer is fully responsible for its damage, destruction or forfeit. In case of failure to pay for the order, the Supplier reserves the right to take back the Goods already delivered, and at the expense of Customer.

11. If the Supplier do not determine otherwise in the certificate of warranty, the guarantee provided is 5 years since the day of delivery.

12. The Customer is obliged to inform the Supplier of any defects of delivered products without any delay and enable him to examine the reclaimed Goods.

13. The Customer is obliged to reclaim absence of completeness or wrong line of Goods in three days from takeover of the Goods.