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My name is Martin Růžička and I am the manufacturer of the racing rowing boats brand ROSEMAN. Our family business was founded in 2005. We place great emphasis on the highest quality workmanship and possible individual design and equipment of our vessels in accordance with our customers wishes. Our priority is the maximum satisfaction and resolving all needs of our customers.

The types of rowing boats we produce are RACE, TEAM, R-UNI, JUNIOR. All boats are made to measure with standard or design look. The sculls are type BIG BLADE or MACON.

The ROSEMAN company's history

New mould for 1x 7,86 m

March 2015

New mould for 2x

The introduction of carbon ledges on the front and rear deck at type RACE + TEAM

February – June 2014

New mould for 1x 8.2 mm – Launch of boat production in gelcoat

April 2013

Moving workshop

Moving into a new workshop Zvonovice 72

August 2012

New technologies

Complete transition to „wet“ technology. New production of full carbon fiber boats.
New type of 2x

June, December 2011

Tailored Design

First bow wing rigger by 1x

November 2009

Design tailored

Fiberglass prepreg replaced by aramid semipreg

First boat with its unique design

New type of wing rigger
New type of 1x

March – November 2008

Petr Ouředníček – junior champion on 1x

May 2007

First delivery abroad

First split boat 1x

June – September 2006

Company foundation

Establishment of the company, production of the „hot“ technology using fiberglass prepreg and carbon semipreg.

November 2005